We provide our customers with competitive advantages and higher margins while enabling them to manage the complexities of an increasingly unpredictable world.

The world is in flux: new technologies keep revolutionizing every business sphere. Medicine is not an exception. Magenta Medical is the pioneer in applying the most advanced technology to medical practice.

Join the Magenta Medical world today and let information technology bring root and branch change to your business.

Anton Dmitriev
Mark Blakemore
Chief Financial Officer
Anton Ivaschenko
Chief Scientist
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The Magenta Medical team has considerable experience in static and dynamic simulation for anatomy, surgery, laparoscopy and endovascular surgery. We provide a unique design of original electronic and force feedback devices, 3D design of electro-mechanical devices, sensor and actuator control systems development, creation of highly-realistic 3D anatomy models and real-time 3D-graphics software, microcontroller software, and real-time physics simulation software. These skills combined with Magenta's exceptional scheduling solutions give Magenta Medical a solid portfolio of medical products.

Our premium products and R&D projects delivered are:

Magenta Medical looks for cooperation with:

  • equipment manufacturers
  • institutes, universities, research centers
  • public institutions and funds
  • nongovernmental organizations
  • privately-held companies

Magenta Medical proposes cooperation in the following fields:

  • custom solutions development
  • joint projects participation
  • implementation of intelligent scheduling systems for medical logistics
  • joint participation in tenders, grant
    and special-purpose programs